domingo, mayo 04, 2003

Lista programa 03/05

You make me so very happy (Blood, Sweat & Tears)
One day without you (John Martyn)

The Beat (Elvis Costello)
Cruel to be kind (Nick Lowe)

Drop out (Pearls before swine)
Deborah (Ora)

Rain (Muggs)
Hot venom (Beans)

Today is the day (Yo La Tengo)
Like I told you (Acetone)

Shake your head (Adult.)
Your retro career melted (The Faint)

Is a hole (Jesus & Mary Chain)
When you wake you' re still in a dream (My bloody valentine)

Being number one (Black Box Recorder)
Vurnerabilia (My Computer)

100 % (Sonic Youth)
Jackals, false grails: The Lonesome era (Pavement)

Buttercup (Carl Anderson)
Outstandig (The Gap Band)

Presentaci�n del disco Oh me Oh My... The way the day goes by the sun is setting dogs are dreaming lovesongs of the christmas spirit de Devendra Banhardt
Michigan State

Eternal Feedback (Massive Attack & Mad Professor)
Mystic Warrior (Lee Perry & Mad Professor)

How animals move (John Parish)
Jazz devil (Barry Adamson)

Reichlicher (Laub)
Can't take it (Recloose)

Dos Romeos (Andr�s Calamaro)

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