domingo, septiembre 14, 2003

��Especial Ni NY!!
De No New York a Yes New York y m�s all�

Waiting for the man (Velvet Underground & Nico)
I wanna be black (Lou Reed)

Free Money (Patti Smith)
Rapture (Blondie)

The Message (Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five)
Rappin� Blow (Kurtis Blow)

Cavern (Liquid Liquid)
My love for you (ESG)

Love comes in spurs (Richard Hell & The Voidoids)
Ain�t that nothing (Television)

Crosseyed & painless (Talking Heads)
Crazy Rythms (The Feelies)

Personality Crisis (New York Dolls)
I wanna be your boyfriend (The Ramones)

My Friend Goo (Sonic Youth �demo)
Size (DNA)

Flip your face (James Chance & The contortions)
Theme from James Bond (Naked City)

Funky Boss (Beastie Boys)
Fight the power (Public Enemy)

Lavender Girls (Jarboe)
Buenos Aires (The Golden Palominos)

Girl (Suicide)
Piranha (Ui)

New York City Cops (The Strokes)
Maps (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs)

Quedaron afuera: Cramps, Chic, Jon Spencer, Wu Tang Clan, Mantronix, Cannibal Ox, Antipop Consotium, Liars, !!!, The Rapture, Ultramagnetic MCs, Afrika Bambaataa, Lounge Lizards, Calla, Radio 4, WIT y m�s...

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