domingo, febrero 15, 2004

Lista 14-02-04

No comment (Serge Gainsbourg)
Joe The Lion (David Bowie)

A Simple Song (Nigo)
Monkey dot (Money Mark)

I�m in love in with somebody else (Pete Shelley)
The point of collapse (Wire)

Blues de Cris (Pescado Rabioso)
Casa con 10 pinos (Manal)

I Stand Alone (Al Kooper)
The Wolf That Lives In Lindsey (Joni Mitchell)

Uno de los discos de la semana: Bobby Conn, Homeland
We come in peace

Make it with you (Earth, wind & fire)
Funk until the edge of time (Parlet)

Love minus zero/no limit (Bob Dylan)
Clonazepan y circo (Andr�s Calamaro)

Song for the deaf (Queens of the stone age)
Return to heaven (Comets on fire)

You are here (Coloma)
Bamboo Music (Sylvian-Sakamoto)

El bello verano (Family)
Campanas (Entre Rios)

Halifax Amore (Richard Youngs)
Halfway to a threeway (Jim O�Rourke)

Otro disco de la semana: Mellow, Perfect Colors
Drifting out of sight

Oh Woman oh why (Paul McCartney)
Woman (John Lennon)

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