domingo, junio 13, 2004

Programa 12 / 06

Invitado: Pablo Plotkin

Georgia on my mind (Ray Charles)
I believe in my soul (Van Morrison)

Break out (NERD)
Prototype (Outkast)

The audience (Hebert c/Dani Siciliano)
The 15th (Fisherspooner)

You don't love me when I cry (Laura Nyro)
I stand alone (Al Kooper)

The first of the gang to die (Morrisey)
Glory days (Pulp)

Assessment (Beta Band)
Things (John Cale)

Silhouettes (Kerrier district)
Stan D'Infamy (Luke Vibert)

Guamallapish (Ruins)
Martzmer (Altered States)

Virgen de Montserrat (The Champions, in�dito)
Destino circular (Virus)

Resurrection d' une idole pop (Rinocerose)
Le baiser d'amants (Lizzie Mercier Descloux)

Certain Surprise (John Martyn)
Zennor Quoit (Julian Cope)

Ilusion (Flopa)

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