miércoles, julio 07, 2004

M�s links

Pablo dice:

Excelente la edici�n Julio / Agosto de Perfect Sound Forever. Hay dos notas dos que son imperdibles: 1) Un art�culo sobre la vuelta de Mission of Burma 2) Un extenso (en dos partes) profile sobre el gran Alex Chilton. Casi, casi, lo mejor que le� sobre el autor de "September Gurls". Un par de frases de muestra:

- "Neither Bell nor Chilton can be credited with the power pop revival; as with punk rock and its murky antecedents, the revival?Raspberries, Badfinger, McCartney's solos, stirrings in and around L.A.--of power pop certainly was filling a post-White Album void; to these strands Big Star dragged into the mix, however, such oddities as Texas garage, the baroque fragility of the Left Banke, and Southern Cal coolness".

- "Hey! Wait just a minute! What the fuck is power pop? Two guitars help, snarling and whippet fast; a rhythm section of strong armed mutes, not afraid to glower at fans, grinding it out like the Move, on the snap, crackle, pop of every 4/4 beat. 'Catchy, short melodic songs' sounds like a description of Pepsi commercials".

Y la mejor:

- "In fact, if Bell is the design behind Big Star, and Chilton the vehicle, then British Pop is the fuel of this secular and corrosive and tender machine/band. As Proust, noted partier and poof, wrote, 'The question is not for Hamlet, to be or not to be, but to belong or not to belong'".


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