domingo, marzo 06, 2005

Programa 5 / 03

Schwabylon (Justus Kohncke)
Herz aus papier (idem)

I want to you right now (MC5)
I need somebody (Iggy & The Stooges)

Little yellow spider (Devendra Banhart)
You know everything (Reprise 1991) (Swans)

Waiting for the sirens call (New Order, new! Order! Cuac!)
Nothing is worth losing that (Telefon Tel Aviv)

Uno de los discos de la semana: Nashville de Josh Rouse
It�s the nighttime
Your Love Has Gone

House of the rising sun (Flower Travellin Band)
Yoo doo right (Masahi Batoh)

Bloque cortesia Jojojo
Against al odds (The Postal Service)
Tech romance (Her space holiday)

It�s all over now baby blue (Bob Dylan)
Mister Tambourine Man (The Byrds)

The soul of Patrick Lee (John Cale & Terry Riley)
Coney Island Baby (Lou Reed)

Dear Prudence (The Beatles)

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