jueves, octubre 20, 2005

La postal de todos los a�

Pablo dice:

Mojo, November 2005 (Al Hutchins) (3 stars):

A 25th studio outing from longest distance runner

With a perverse parting shot (Ride Away) wrapped in cod-reggae to open proceedings, a half-dozen trove of snarling rock & roll, a fine Move cover (I Can Hear The Grass Grow), and midnight ruminations that are both lush and eerie (Midnight Aspen, Early Days of Channel Fuehrer) Fall Heads Roll proves Mark E Smith's gang have lost nothing of the power to surprise. Flanked by strong unfussy arrangements, there's room for Smith's lyrics to sprout in guises comedic ('99 per cent of non-smokers die !') and hectoring ('Work in progress...due about 2026 !'), even ultimately without Smith's presence at all (Trust In Me). At first seemingly overlong, the album's threads (lyrical and musical) gather to form memorable intangibilities and accusations, whose mystery hangs together on repeated playing.

(Comentario de la Mojo sobre Fall Heads Roll, �ltimo trabajo de The Fall tras el box set de sus Peel Sessions, con 6 CDs de todas sus apariciones en el programa del desaparecido DJ. Otra obra maestra, y van...).

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