jueves, febrero 02, 2006

Una vez m�s, Copey tiene raz�

Pablo dice:

"Fuck that, brothers & sisters, I'm anti-EVERYTHING! I'm at war with EVERYTHING! Fuck religions that hate women, fuck religions that hate gays, and fuck the state and fuck any caste system that says YOU CAN'T. Well, I CAN Motherfuckers! I ain't even parking they way they want me to. As Venom once sung, I'm even at war with Satan! I'm through with it all. Caste systems? I'm Overcaste, I'm the coming storm, a comingstormbringing out new rules. Damn Foxhunters, damn royalty, damn Nazis, damn Invisible Sky Gods, Damn corporations... Rock'n'roll will prevail".
"And -finally- remember, in this world of death, mayhem and shit, we all got millennia to be dead and in the soil, and barely three-score-years-and-ten with which to whoop it up down here on the Mothership. You all know I've always performed shows with George Clinton's classic quote in mind: 'A great concert begins in the dressing room and works its way SLOWLY to the stage'. Well, I do believe that life in the West is similar -we work our way SLOWLY towards death, because the journey is everything. Hail, motherfuckers, we might as well start living even if it's just to buck those dreary defeatists waiting for Armageddon (Jehovah's Witnesses 1975, Christians 2000, New Agers 2012, Environmentalists 2050, etc). Rock'n'roll used to say Live Fast, Die Young, Leave A Beautiful Corpse. Islam suicide bombers say take Everyone With You, Leave No Corpse At All. But, as a Pragmatic Motherfucker, I gravitate towards a place somewhere in between, like the Iranian comedian Omid Djalili, who commented:
'If you die for a noble cause it is the highest spiritual attainment. I can't help thinking if I bring about world peace but someone blows my brains out on stage that'd be really punk rock'.
See you in Hell, Motherfuckers.

(Extra�do del editorial de febrero 2006 de Head Heritage, p�gina oficial de Julian Cope, que se puede chequear completo

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