domingo, agosto 06, 2006

Programa 05-08

Smoke Bubbles (Basement jaxx)
Hush boy (idem)

A home is not a motel (Arthur Lee)
Comedy (Shack)

John Henry (Bruce Springsteen)
Poddy Mac Corley (Shane McGowan)

Too much information (The Police)
Till the end of the day (The Kinks)

Skip divided (Thom Yorke)
Bitterness (Mark Eitzel)

Tribulations (LCD Soundsystem)
The pioneers (Bloc Party)

Riot Van (The Artic Monkeys)
Can't stand it (Pete Doherty)

Entrevista y minirecital de Doris
Le Bon Vivant
Dia Nublado

The man in the station (John Martyn)

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