domingo, noviembre 05, 2006

Programa 04-11

The Devil (The Rapture)
One thing leads to another (The Fixx)

Walk on the wild side (The Strokes)
Heaven (Talking Heads)

Disco de la semana, The Information de Beck:
Cellphone's dead
Strange apparition

Digital Delay (Catherine Deneuve)
Easy on your eyes (Aluminum Group)

Safe from harm (Massive attack)
Little Fluffy Clouds (The Orb)

Suited & Booted (My life story)
The old man is back again (Scott Walker)

Sympathy for the devil (Rolling Stones, Neptunes rmx)
Stop that girl (Vic Godard & The Subway Sect)

Play a little bit for love (The Sleepy Jackson)
Girl, you need a change of mind (Eddie Kendricks)

1995 (Radio Dept)
Your're my best friend (Queen)

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