domingo, diciembre 24, 2006

Programa Mejor del Año. Parte 1

All weirded out (Tom Verlaine, Songs and other things)
Call an ambulance (Albert Hammond Jr, Yours to keep)

Till I gain control again (Van Morrison, Pay the devil)
Working man blues (Bob Dylan, Modern times)

Death is the road to awe (Clint Mansell + Kronos Quartet + Mogwai, The Fountain OST)
Postcards from Italy (Beirut. Gulag Orkestar)

Dale luz al instante (Luis Alberto Spinetta, Pan)
Maldición (Juan Ravioli, Album para la juventud vol 1)

Easy to sleep away (Peter Hammill, Veracious)
A lover loves (Scott Walker, The Drift)

God is love (Dirty Dozen Brass Band, What’s going on?)
Smoke bubbles (Basement Jaxx, Crazy itch radio)

Life is a pigsty (Morrisey, Ringleader of the tormentors)

Entrevista y minireportaje a Electrón
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