sábado, enero 30, 2010

Programa 2 en FM Touché, 89.1 (29-01-10)

Kill All The Hippies (Primal Scream)
Out of Control (Chemical Brothers)

'03 Bonnie & Clyde (Beyonce)
Say My name (Destiny's Child)

What Whole Talk (Jay-Z)
We Are The People (Empire of the Sun)

Misfits (The Kinks)
Palace and Bone (Pete Doherty)

Homenaje a Salinger
Le Pastie de la Burgeoisie (Belle & Sebastian)
Gin Soaked Boy (The Divine Comedy)

Cigarrettes (Daniel Merryweather)
Valerie (Amy Winehouse)

You Really Got a Hold On Me (She & Him)
Cry, Cry (Mazzy Star)

Edimburg Man (The Fall)
The Dolphins and The Sharks (Crime & The City Solution)

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