lunes, enero 26, 2004

Se acab� lo que se daba

Pablo dice:

Extra�do de los comments de From Marzz, blog de Marcelo Panozzo.

Bye Bye Reynols. Los extra�ar�.

Subject: REYNOLS 1993-2004

Hi, everybody

Hope all is fine there. We would like to let you know that Reynols' life-cycle has come to its natural end.

Anyway, there are still some forthcoming records under that name, with stuff we recorded in 2003 and before. And we have around 100 or 200 hours of recorded stuff that will appear sooner or later: enough for anybody not to miss the band too much in the coming years.

This is not a traumatic decision, we are all still friends and we feel that to end a project in the right moment is the best way to keep its spirit alive... We will go on playing with Miguel Tomasin on the Sol Mayor Project, playing classic rock covers only in benefit gigs for schools and disability institutions. And we will probably develop some other different projects in the future.

We want to thank all the people that supported us over the past years: labels, magazines, bands, journalists, musicians, venues, festivals, radios, TV shows, web-sites, foundations, universities, sound technicians, producers, photographers, record shops, distributors, audiences, and friends in general. We also want to thank our detractors because they were also part of this meaningful learning experience.

And mind we are talking about Reynols' terrestrial death: the band will always be alive in Minecxio. So head that way whenever you feel like paying them a visit.


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