domingo, febrero 22, 2004

Lista del programa del 21-02-04

Man and Wife, The Former (Financial Planning) (Desaparecidos)
We?re coming out (The Replacements)

Theme for Sparta FC (The Fall)
Oh Catherine (Pere Ubu)

Kimberly (Patti Smith)
The Grip of Love (Tom Verlaine)

Lomittain (Pan Sonic)
Misery Train (Suicide)

Walzette (Christian Basso)
Sideshow (Calexico)

War (Outkast)
Your World is Flat (Anti Pop Consortium)

Presentaci?n del nuevo disco de Ariel Minimal, "Un hombre solo no puede hacer nada"
Canci?n para el d?a que se muera Elton John
Todo el tiempo que se va (con Litto Nebbia)

Tokyo a Go Go (Magnetic Fields)
Visions of China (Japan)

Something's Going On (Lambchop)
That's what I Know (Josh Rouse/Kurt Wagner)

Me and Paravati (Slapp Happy)
Afraid (Nico)

Saint Marie (Piano Magic)
Step Into My Office, Baby (Belle and Sebastian)

Welcome to the ocupation (R.E.M.)
Knives out (Radiohead)

Back At Armaggedon (Alice Coltrane)
Invocation (Medeski, Martin and Wood)

Build Me a Woman (The Doors)

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