domingo, septiembre 05, 2004

Programa 04-09

Love to hold you close to me (Leroy Hutson)
California Dreamin (Eddie Hazel)

We ain?t fessin (Anticon)
The velvet ant (Clouddead)

Brother (The Organ)
Final solution (Pere Ubu)

Remember me (The Zutons)
Talkin gipsy market blues (The Coral)

Trapped under ice (Call & Response)
Baby (Bebel Gilberto)

Sexualized (Relaxed Muscle)
Panzer attack (Cooper Temple Clause)

Come back (Josh Rouse)
You are here (Coloma)

Baby, you`re my light (Richard Hawley)
Tiny tears (Tindersticks)

Bellona (Junior Boys)
Spaceship (Mouse on mars)

Victim of a foolish heart (Joss Stone)
My way (loleatta Holloway)

You? ve got to love someone (Pleasure)
Lovers on the backseat (Scissor Sisters)

That?s alright mama (Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash)
Things we said today (The Beatles)

Colored Town (Aluminum group)

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