domingo, octubre 31, 2004

Programa 30-10

Programa de Peel Sessions

This charming man (The Smiths)
Say hello to the angels (Interpol)

I was made to love her (Jimi Hendrix w/ Stevie Wonder)
What is and what should never be (Led Zeppelin)

Charla con Daniel Melero.

Just like honey (The Jesus & Mary Chain)
I can see it (But I can�t feel it) (My bloody Valentine)

Charla con Mariana Enriquez, por su nueva novela C�mo desaparecer completamente

Stay beautiful (Manic Street Preachers)
Danny Boy (Rufus Wainright)

Stars are stars (Echo & The Bunnymen)
Me singing (Julian Cope)

Presentaci�n de Tomas Notcheff en vivo
(ayuda con los nombres de los tracks?)

Time of no reply (Nick Drake)
Sing a song for you (Tim Buckley)

Do the du (A certain ratio)
At home he is a tourist (Gang of four)

Son of a gun (Nirvana)
Mr Pharmacist (The Fall)

Pictures of Lily (The Who)
Fever (Eno)

Grinding Halt (The Cure)

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