domingo, enero 30, 2005

programa 29-01

Calling all enthusiast (Radio 4)
Daft Punk is playing in my house (LCD Soundsystem)

Song of the corn (The Coral)
Over the counter culture (The Ordinary Boys)

Heart of mine (Bob Dylan)
You'll never know you loved (Lou Reed)

Life on Mars (Seu Jorge, BS de The Life Aquatic)
Rebel Rebel (Idem)

Long time no see (Emitt Rhodes)
Art of dying (George Harrison)

Disco de la semana, Citizen Cain'd, de Julian Cope.
I'm living in the room they found Saddam in
World war pigs

Prime time of your life (Daft Punk �new!)
Do the math (Brooks)

Otro disco de la semana, The Great Destroyer, Low

Convidados de piedra (Litto Nebbia)
Tristeza del sur (Pez)

Nothing is worth losing that (Telefon Tel Aviv)
Saturn in Rain (Alpha)

Me voy quedando (Liliana Herrero y Juan Fal�)
Cholita traidora (Mariana Baraj)

Kasha maka dub (The Upsetters)
Jerusalem (Mark Stewart and the Maffia)

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