domingo, mayo 22, 2005

Programa domingo 22/05/05

Shadow play (Joy Division)
Love will tear us apart (Joy Division por Calexico)

Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin)
El hombre suburbano (Pappo's Blues)

Maybe Your Baby (Stevie Wonder)
Too Young (Phoenix)

Satisfaction (Cat Power)
Inside and Out (Feist)

El prisionero de la parada 2 (Darnauchans)
Como tus zapatos (Gabo)

Presentaci�n del disco Mercy Now, de Mary Gauthier
Falling Out of Love
Wheel Inside the Wheel

Lazy Sunday (Small Faces)
A Well Respected Man (The Kinks)

La tierra del gitano (Color Humano)
Suspensi�n (Invisible)

Presentaci�n del disco Blinking Lights, de Eels (�sali� ac�!)
Going Fetal (con Tom Waits)
To Lick Your Boots (con Peter Buck)

I Got You Babe (The Dictators)
Looking For a Kiss (New York Dolls)

Donald Pleasence (Flotation Toy Warning)

Over All (Francoiz Breut)
Tant de belles choses (Francoise Hardy)

Gone City (Lydia Lunch)

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