domingo, junio 05, 2005

Programa 04-06

Cours (Benjamin Biolay)
Daisy Temple (Serge Gainsbourg)

Radiating Love (The Knack)
Heroes (Blondie w/ Robert Fripp, live!)

The man who would be king (The Libertines)
A town called Malice (The Jam, live!)

Disco de la semana, My thickness de Russian Futurists
Sentiments vs. Syllables
Still life

If there?s such a thing as love (Magnetic Fields)
Be my baby (Brian Wilson, live!)

They say (Common w/ John Legend y Kanye West)
Sucubz (Ark)

Neptune variations (Skyray)
I have always been here before (Julian Cope)

Waved on (Engineers)
I?d have you anytime (George Harrison)

Redondo Beach (Morrissey)
Psycho Maffia (Sonic Youth)

Julie Christie (Stephen Duffy)
Summer days in bloom (Maxiliam Hecker)

La distancia (Andres Calamaro)
Debajo de los caracoles de sus cabellos (Caetano Veloso)

Bloque dedicado al sello Rune Grammofon
6.6 (Supersilent)
Monitor Batik (Skyphone)
Cuban Serum (Jono El Grande)

African fly night (David Bowie)
Help me somebody (Eno-Byrne)

Only this moment (Royksopp) New!

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