martes, septiembre 25, 2007

Programa 22/09/07

Love from Room 109 at the Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway) (Tim Buckley)

Me and Mr. Jones (Amy Winehouse)
In the Dark (Nina Simone)

From The Rivers to the Ocean (Bill Callahan)
Ghost Ship In a Storm (Jim O'Rourke)

Man is the Baby (Antony and The Johnsons)
Within or Without You (Patti Smith)

Dancing in Heaven (Robert Plant)
Hangman (Roy Harper + Jimmy Page)

Disco de la semana, "La radiolina" (Manu Chao)
El hoyo
La vida tómbola

He didn't (The 6ths)
Long, long, long (The Beatles)

Lost in the Supermarket (The Clash)
Nature Springs (The Good The Bad & The Queen)

Give Me Your Love (Lambchop)
Move On Up (Curtis Mayfield)

Willie te Pimp (Frank Zappa)

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