jueves, septiembre 25, 2003

Pablo dice: Marcello Carlin y la Scott Box Set

�Que bueno es cuando uno encuentra un pop writer! Suelo coincidir mucho con el pensamiento de Marcello Carlin, lo �nico que me disgusta un tanto es que sus posteos son largos y no dan para leerlos desde la m�quina (rebalsan de ideas siempre).

Lo que sigue es un copy & paste que publica en The Church of Me sobre la futura caja de un h�roe de la casa: Mr. Scott Walker. N�tense los comentarios al pie sobre las ausencias (Scott querido, �c�mo vas a dejar afuera de una antolog�a tuya "The Old Man's Back Again"?)

CD 1: In My Room
"The complete bedsit dramas"
1. Prologue/Little Things
2. I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore
3. In My Room
4. After The Lights Go Out
5. Archangel
6. Orpheus
7. Mrs Murphy
8. Montague Terrace (In Blue)
9. Such A Small Love
10. The Amorous Humphrey Plugg
11. It's Raining Today
12. Rosemary
13. Big Louise
14. Angels Of Ashes
15. Hero Of The War
16. Time Operator
17. Joe
18. The War Is Over
(Track which should have been there: Two Ragged Soldiers)

CD 2: Where's The Girl?
"Songs for, about or by females"
1. Where's The Girl?
2. You're All Around Me
3. Just Say Goodbye
4. Hurting Each Other
5. Genevieve
6. Once Upon A Summertime
7. When Johanna Loved Me
8. Joanna
9. Angelica
10. Always Coming Back To You
11. The Bridge
12. Best Of Both Worlds
13. Two Weeks Since You?ve Gone
14. On Your Own Again
15. Someone Who Cared
16. Long About Now (with Esther Ofarim)
17. Scope (Ute Lemper sings Scott)
18. Lullaby (ditto: nice, but leaves no space for crucial tracks such as:
Get Behind Me, Duchess, Winter Night, The Lady Came From Baltimore)

CD 3: An American In London
Scott sings Europe (i.e. Brel), Scott sings about America
1. Jackie
2. Mathilde
3. The Girls And The Dogs
4. Amsterdam
5. Next
6. The Girls From The Streets
7. My Death
8. Sons Of
9. If You Go Away
10. Copenhagen
11. We Came Through
12. Thirtieth Century Man
13. Rhymes Of Goodbye
14. Thanks For Chicago
15. Cowbells Shakin'
16. My Way Home
17. Lines
18. Rawhide
19. Blanket Roll Blues
20. Tilt
21. Patriot
(Completely inexplicable omissions: The Old Man's Back Again, Funeral Tango, "lemon...bloody cola" -Bolivia 95, nota de Mal Elemento-)

CD 4: This Is How You Disappear
An alternative "greatest hits"; 15 shots of the hard(core) Scott.
1. The Plague
2. Plastic Palace People
3. Boy Child
4. The Shut Out
5. Fat Mama Kick
6. Nite Flights
7. The Electrician
8. Dealer
9. Track 3 (Delayed)
10. Sleepwalker's Woman
11. Track 5 (It's A Starving)
12. Farmer In The City
13. The Cockfighter
14. Bouncer See Bouncer
15. Face On Breast
(but no "Track 6" so Climate Of Hunter still requires a proper reissue)

CD 5: Scott On Screen
Compilation of film-related songs/film scores, rounding up stuff from The Moviegoer, Any Day Now, and pretty well all of Pola X
1. Light
2. Deadlier Than The Male
3. The Rope And The Coil
4. Meadow
5. The Seventh Seal
6. The Darkest Forest
7. The Ballad Of Sacco And Vanzetti
8. The Summer Knows
9. Glory Road
10. Isabel
11. Man From Reno (prototype of "Farmer In The City")
12. The Church Of The Apostles
13. Indecent Sacrifice
14. Bombupper
15. I Threw It All Away
16. River Of Blood
17. Only Myself To Blame (from The World Is Not Enough!)
18. Running
19. The Time Is Out Of Joint
20. Never Again
21. Closing
(would have been nice to have included "This Way Mary")

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